I feel very blessed to find this kind of caring help! I can go to work and know my Dad will be better than OK!
— S. Dunn - Grand Haven, MI
Your staff are all wonderful caring professionals. Each person took time to really get to know my mother and work with her personality. They invested themselves in her, even bringing treats. Each person took time to speak with me as well and discuss the care. We were in a rather sudden crisis, needing help immediately, and we greatly appreciate the way you made it happen. Generally, a staff reflects the leaders, so thanks to the three of you as well for setting a high standard!
— P.P. - Grand Haven, MI
We continue to be impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the Peace at Home staff. We can tell they really care about our mother - they are compassionate and show great understanding.
— G.M. - Grand Haven, MI
Our caregiver makes it “a fun day” to quote dad. Whether teaching & playing a new game, shopping for birthday presents for the great grandchildren or going to a museum or nature center. And he listens and honors when Dad says he is too tired today.
— S.D. - Grand Haven, MI
When we have needed to make a schedule change Peace at Home has gone out of their way to take care of the problem, even in times when it has been short notice.
— V.M. - Grand Haven, MI
I like the fact that our caregivers will do a variety of jobs. Since I use a walker - I need help on Dr. appointments for my husband - sometimes some shopping and also light housekeeping jobs. I have even had our caregiver help me prepare supper.
— D.J. - Grand Haven, MI
Dad can go to appointments or “fun” explorations in our area with his Caregiver. This is very helpful to his family but more importantly he looks forward to his time with Tony and getting out. It’s a very positive change in his routine.
— Sally - Grand Haven, MI
I appreciate the effort Peace at Home made to find the right person to be with my dad.
— S.D. - Grand Haven, MI
The staff goes to great lengths to make sure that the family is kept informed of any new developments and is excellent in coordinating with the hospice staff. They are proactive - when they see a need they act on it.
— S.F. - Grand Haven, MI
The office staff is always available to answer our questions or to help us figure out a solution to a problem. We highly recommend Peace at Home to anyone who needs compassionate, professional care for a loved one.
— G.M. - Grand Haven, MI
Dad’s caregiver is respectful of my dad and is very attentive to the need for physical and mental stimulation and honors Dad’s intellect.
— S.D. - Grand Haven, MI
It is nice that our caregiver takes my husband on a walk or a ride.
— D.J. - Grand Haven, MI