There are many simple, attractive and affordable Accessible Home Modifications and Independent Living Solutions that can increase the safety and convenience of any home. More people are choosing to stay in their homes as they age. Those with functional deficits are constantly challenged to function more independently in their homes, and caregivers are looking for better and safer means in which to care for their clients or family members. By implementing some of these creative Home Solutions to mobility and daily living challenges, you or your loved ones can maintain independence with safety and confidence.

The Bathroom

The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the home of an aging adult or differently-abled person. 

  • Are there non-slip surfaces? 
  • Enough clear floor space for aided mobility?
  • Does your loved one use a cane or a walker?
  • Is the bathroom a safe place for them when using their mobility equipment?
  • Are the bathtub and shower controls reachable, easy to use and require little strength?
  • Where are the grab bars in the bathroom? Are there grab bars near the toilet, shower and tub?
  • Is a shower chair available and convenient?
  • Ample space around the toilet? What bathroom modifications changes would your family benefit from?       

Bathroom Modifications:

Shower bench, Hand-held shower head, Curbless shower, with non-slip surface and fold-down seat, Doors that can be unlocked from the outside, Textured grab bars by toilet, bathtub and shower, Non-slip flooring

Home Entry Solutions:

Well-lit entry

Motion sensitive lighting outdoors


Ramps, or gently sloping path

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