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All of our Caregiver services extend to those with special needs/disabilities.  Our passion for caring extends to all, no matter the age, we have Caregivers who are experienced in the care of young and old with chronic conditions, disabilities, disorders, and syndromes.  

Like the majority of devoted family caregivers, you take on the role of providing most all the care for your family member. As a primary caregiver for someone with special needs, the effort can take a toll on your own physical and emotional health, family life and career. Families with the best intentions simply "burn out". Neglecting other responsibilities and resenting demands placed on your time, are a few predominate feelings experienced. 

As the day-to-day demands increase, you seek respite care, but no one seems to understand the specialized needs of your loved one. Looking for providers with specific special needs care experience is often challenging and frustrating.

We're here to help you, to partner with you to find a way for us to fit in your loved ones life in an enriching, compassionate way.  These relationships take time to develop.  With our special needs care division, often times we ask there to be a transitional period where your Caregiver will shadow you and learn about your loved one, their likes and dislikes, their routines and possible triggers.  After a comfortable amount of time has passed and the relationship has been developed, we'll establish a care plan and our Caregiver will start to spend some more one-on-one time with your loved one.  Soon enough you'll begin to comfortably enjoy the respite time you've been needing, and your loved one will have made a new friend they can rely on!  Smiles all around.