Founded by two visionaries passionate about changing the face of in-home care, Peace at Home Caregivers is now one of the most regarded private in-home care providers, in both Ottawa & Muskegon Counties.

Our Mission

Peace at Home Caregivers is an in-home service provider that assists individuals and families. We are dedicated to helping our clients lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes by carefully assessing and fully understanding their needs and selectively placing trained personnel to meet these needs.

Charlie F. , President.jpg
Laura Lutz, Client Care Coordinator
Janna Beebe-Ortiz, Marketing & Brand Manager
Khalid Richardson, Staffing Coordinator
Chelsea Boomgaard, Scheduling Coordinator


charlie f., president

Charlie and his wife Kristin have been the owners of Peace at Home Caregivers since 2019, and the owners of DMS Home Care & Medical Staffing since 2008. Being a business owner has completely transformed Charlie’s life. It is an honor, privilege and huge responsibility for Charlie to manage Peace at Home Caregivers, and DMS Home Care & Medical Staffing properly, as so many lives are dependent on the successful daily operation of it. Charlie thrives in it and truly enjoys the daily challenge. Charlie has 3 kids who he loves spending time with and can’t get enough of.


LAURA L., CENA,CMT: Client Care Coordinator

Laura is one of the co-founders of Peace at Home Caregivers. Laura has worked as a home health Certified Nurses Assistant for the past 13 years and is also a Certified Massage Therapist. Prior to Laura's years as a CENA, she managed the human resources department at a well known nationwide child development center. With her vast knowledge and warm demeanor, Laura is a phenomenal resource to families who are seeking comfort and direction during difficult transitional times. Laura works closely with clients and caregivers to ensure the lines of communication are always open, goals are accomplished, and all parties are adhering to the guidelines set forth by the PAHCG standards of care.


JANNA O., Marketing & Brand Manager

Janna is one of the co-founders of Peace at Home Caregivers. Janna is an entrepreneur and business executive with prior experience as a Caregiver and Social Worker Assistant.  Janna has a vast knowledge of large and small business operations. Janna has been instrumental in the growth of many companies both stateside and overseas. Janna was the Chief Marketing Officer of a large petrol company. With this experience, she offers a business acumen focusing on marketing and communications, working to create strategic partnerships with-in both Muskegon and Ottawa Counties.


Khalid R., Staffing Coordinator

Khalid has been with Peace at Home Caregivers since 2016, and currently oversees staffing operations out of our Lakeshore office. Khalid has an extensive background in the staffing and home care industry, bringing over 12 years of experience with him. Khalid is responsible for the hiring of caregivers who rise up to the Peace at Home Caregivers’ criteria.


Chelsea b., Scheduling Coordinator

Chelsea has been a part of the Peace at Home Caregivers team since 2018, and oversees all of the scheduling out of the Lakeshore office. Chelsea brings forth a strong background in customer service and medical office management. Chelsea ensures both the client’s and caregivers’ schedules are created to work symbiotically in order to help facilitate close working relationships between client and caregiver.

Our Screening Process

Our selection process to ensure your caregiver is the right fit for you starts before they're even hired.  

During the interview we ask ourselves:

  • Would I enjoy being around this person, are they easy to have a conversation with?

  • Would I trust this person to take care of me or a loved one?

  • Does this person take care of themselves and present themselves professionally?



interview & reference checks:

  • TB Testing

  • Employment History Verified

  • Personal references carefully screened

  • Superior level of progress & realism

  • Multi-phased interview process


  • ICHAT Criminal background checks

  • MVR Checks

  • OIG Check

  • I-9 Verification

  • TB

  • License Verification (if applicable)

Skills Verifications

  • Skills check-off &verification completed for each employee by our Nurse Clinical Supervisor

  • Alzheimer & Dementia Training

Training and Certifications

After we've made the decision to hire your caregiver he/she is required to complete an internal orientation to ensure our standards and expectations are fully understood and upheld.  If you are benefitting from one of our more skilled caregivers, we require our new hires to provide proof of licensure and/or certification(s).  Additionally, we track renewal dates for re-certifications and re-licensure to ensure your caregiver remains qualified to care for your needs.